To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!
To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!

Modular Stacking 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Home

Residential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage version

Modular Stacking 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Home

Standard Type
Model : JLB-48100-E5KSL
  • Long Life And Safety
  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6500 times cycles with 80% DOD.Safe Lithium iron phosphate battery cell.
  • Intelligent,Each battery with independent BMS system manages power output smartly and effectively.
  • Modular design allows flexible choice of energy requried. Deliver up to 30.72kWh with single max module (5.12kWh) at 6 units parallel connection.
  • Just plug and play to minimize the installation time and cost.Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment.
  • Compatible with most of the available Hybrid inverters.Safety CertUL 1642, TUV , IEC62619, CE, UN38.3, MSDS.
  • Safe li-ion LiFePO4 chemistry material made, A Grade LFP cell reducing the risk of explosion of combustion due to high impact, overcharge/discharge or over discharge
  • Built in passitive balance between cells on BMS ( Optional active balance BMS ) to maximum the lifetime of the battery cells
  • Built multi communication ways, CAN/RS232/RS485 protocol,compatible with Deye,Growatt,Sermatec,SolarX,Must,GoodWe,Victrion,SMA inverter brand etc
  • Support up to 15 units parallel connection to expand the energy
  • Built-in active extinguish system on each group of cells inside,extremely safety
  • Suitable for install at indoor and outdoor benefits from the plug and play & Modular design
  • Directory from factory pricing so you can save a lot of cost on middle man

Battery Pictures

Residential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage versionResidential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage versionResidential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage versionResidential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage version
Residential 48V 300AH Battery Module Low voltage version
  • Single Module Data Sheet (One layer) Parameter
    Nominal Voltage (One layer) 51.2V
    Nominal Capacity (One layer) 100Ah
    Energy (One layer) 5120Wh
    Net Weight (One layer) 51kg
    Dimensions ( L x W x H )(One layer) 591*440*370mm
    Nominal Charge Current (One layer) 50Amp
    Nominal Peak Charge Current (One layer) 100Amp-Continuous
    Nominal Discharge Current (One layer) 100Amp
    Nominal Peak Discharge Current (One layer) 150Amp-Below 3 seconds
    Maximum Parallel Layer 6 Layer
    Maximum Parallel Capacity 600Ah
    Maximum Parallel Energy 30.72kWh
    Communiction RS232/RS485→ PC software
    CAN/RS485 → Inverters
    Cycle Life 80% capacity remained at 100%
    DOD after 6000 cycles
    Enclosure Protection IP54
    Chemistry LiFePO4
    Nominal Charge Current 50Amp
    Charge Method CC-CV
  • Q1: Can I order JLB-48100-E5KSL samples first and then purchase in bulk?
    A1: Absolutely, testing samples before a bulk purchase is supported and understood as crucial.

    Q2: Is JLB-48100-E5KSL in stock? When can it be shipped?
    A2: If no customizations like Bluetooth or heating are needed, they’re usually in stock and can be shipped within 3-5 days.

    Q3: What is the MOQ for customizing JLB-48100-E5KSL?
    A3: There’s no MOQ for simple customizations. For more complex ones, the minimum is 5-10pcs.

    Q4: What does the JLB-48100-E5KSL packing list include?
    A4: It includes a standard UN box, foam pieces, pole rubber sleeves, screws, warranty card, and a certificate.

    Q5: How do you arrange shipping and how soon can I receive it?
    A5: We offer DDP service and partner with regular forwarders. Sea shipping takes 30-40 days, air freight 6-10 days.

    Q6: What trade terms are accepted?
    A6: We typically use FOB, CIF, and DDP, with DDP for small quantities and CIF for full container shipments.

    Q7: What are the payment terms?
    A7: 100% upfront for samples. For bulk orders, 50% advance, balance before shipping.

    Q8: What’s the process for customization?
    A8: Email responses within 6 hours. Preliminary plan and quote within 10-15 days after initial 3-5 day discussion. Customization and sample production start within 25-30 days, with a 20-25 day sample production cycle.

    Q9: Can I print my logo on the product?
    A9: Yes, inform us before production and confirm the design first.

    Q10: What’s the cycle life of the battery?
    A10: Over 6000 cycles at 80% DOD, equating to about 16 years at one cycle per day.

    Q11: Can I add Bluetooth, a monitor screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID?
    A11: Certainly, please specify your needs in advance.

    Q12: Can the batteries be hooked up in series or parallel for use?
    A12: It can support parallel use only, maximum up to 16 units of parallel.

    Q13: Does JLB-48100-E5KSL have cell balance?
    A13: It comes with passive balance by default, with an active balance option available.

    Q14: What’s the waterproof degree of JLB-48100-E5KSL?
    A14: IP65 rated.

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Product Features

Justlithium™ focuses on delivering lithium-ion battery packs with innovative design, practicality, and reliability. We prioritize functional design and user experience, striving for excellence in every product.

Hearting Module

Our heating module ensures safe battery charge and discharge in extreme cold conditions.

Rich Accessories

Each product includes warranty cards, instructions, essential wires, and secure packaging.

Laser Welding

Laser welding technology in our battery packs stabilizes copper bars, ensuring durability under complex road conditions.

IP67 Waterproof

Our products are IP67 waterproof rated, ideal for outdoor use and everyday home installations, ensuring resilience against rain.

Smart BMS

Our battery packs feature an integrated high-performance BMS for safe operation, with options for GPS, heating, and communication modules.

Strong Scalability

Equipped with high-voltage MOS tubes, our battery packs support up to 4-series or 4-parallel connections, with an optional active balancing BMS.

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Battery Application Scenarios

Lithium-ion batteries, essential for modern industry and daily life, stand out for their high energy density, long life cycle, no memory effect, and deep discharge capacity. Below are key application scenarios

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