To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!
To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!


Almost all manufacturers will tell you that they can customize and the service is good. However, after actual cooperation, you may find that there are problems in delivery time or communication efficiency, especially for some customers with small order quantities. We hereby declare that we treat all customers equally and we value every order.

In order to better meet the parameter needs of different consumers for lithium-ion batteries and achieve perfect performance in certain specific scenarios, it is very necessary to tailor the appearance of the battery pack, BMS parameters, communication, brand, etc.

Justlithium supports customized lithium-ion battery solutions including OEM and ODM. When you try to contact us, our sales engineers will contact you within 6 hours at the fastest (even on weekends) and discuss the project details with you Requirements, after our sales engineers understand the specific needs, they will discuss with the corresponding product engineers and respond to you within 12 hours. You will get a preliminary project plan and quotation, including delivery time, trade terms, etc.

We respect the privacy of our customers and your user information will be kept absolutely confidential. No one else will have access to any information related to your project except the project engineer and the sales engineer.

We respect every communication and always put your requirements first, please believe that A has enough strength to be your lithium battery supplier and provide reliable solutions for customized batteries.

Now, it’s your turn, we look forward to your voice

One Stop Lithium Battery Supplier

Shenzhen Justlithium Battery Co., LTD integrates advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad. specializing in the design, production, and sales of a series of Lithium-ion battery packs. We provide direct trade of cells and also produce and process various application scenarios Lithium iron phosphate battery packs. Sell directly to battery distributors and solar project installers around the world at wholesale prices. We also provide turnkey large-scale energy storage system solutions.

capacity test

Aging Room

The battery you ordered will be fully charged and discharged in the aging room before leaving the factory. Experienced personnel will record every data and automatically match it with the product serial number.
48V 500Ah display


Our main production lines exceed 6,000 square meters, with 6 independent production lines, 3 customized production lines, and 2 emergency production lines. All product raw materials are stored and inspected to comply with IEC16949 standards
SOC monitor

Grading System

We use brand-new A-grade cells from well-known brands including Gotion, EVE, Sunwoda, CATL, Ganfeng, etc. to make battery packs. Before official use, we will do a capacity test. After the test is completed, it can be put into storage and used.

Sample Workshop

We will conduct small-scale sample testing before mass production to verify product reliability, including thermal runaway, charge and discharge, waterproofing, over-discharge, etc., and use data to verify the performance of the battery pack.
Automatic Welding Machine

Laser Welding

We will use laser welding machines to produce standard modules. This method can greatly increase the welding strength, avoid false welding and possible looseness in the future, and also improve production efficiency.
12V 100Ah series testing

SOC Proofreading

In order to avoid excessive discharge of battery packs caused by long-distance transportation, we will conduct unified SOC testing before shipment and recharge battery packs below 55% to greatly extend the safe storage time of battery packs.
48V ESS production line

Production Line

There are clear SOPs for every aspect of production, and all staff receive specialized training. For every manufacturing process, measurement data will be recorded in the ERP system, and all measuring instruments will be uniformly calibrated at a fixed time.
205ah cell

Cell Warehouse

Our cell warehouse is managed by dedicated management personnel. The battery cell warehouse contains an area for incoming materials to be inspected, and only batches that pass the sampling inspection are allowed to be put into the warehouse.

Product Features

Justlithium™ is committed to providing lithium-ion battery packs with novel designs, practicality and reliability. We attach great importance to product functional design and user experience to achieve perfection.

Hearting Module

The heating module is designed to meet the needs of safe charging and discharging of batteries in extremely cold conditions.

Rich Accessories

In addition to warranty cards and instructions, our products also come with corresponding wires and reliable packaging.

Laser Welding

All battery packs use laser welding technology to ensure the stability of the copper bars and can adapt to complex road conditions.

IP67 Waterproof

The product has been tested to reach IP67 waterproof level, which can meet the practical needs of outdoor use and is reliable and durable.

Smart BMS

Built-in high-performance BMS ensures normal charging and discharging of internal cells. Optional GPS, heating, communication modules.

Strong Scalability

Using high withstand voltage MOS tubes, the battery pack can be connected with 4 in series or 4 in parallel, and active balancing BMS is optional.

News and Updates

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