To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!
To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!

AGV Battery

With the popularity of automated factories and the technological development of robots and robotic arms powered by AI computing power, new smart factories have gradually become a standard feature of modern factories. Robotic arms and AGVs can serve as bridges in the factory. Through the cooperation of AGVs and drones, production efficiency can be maximized.

AGV batteries are designed for automatic guided vehicles (AGV) to provide strong power for EV equipment in modern factories. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries and gel batteries, AGV batteries have better performance in terms of appearance design, weight, volume, energy density, and service life. It has stronger performance in terms of discharge rate, self-discharge, and fast charging speed.

We apply automotive-grade production technology and manufacturing standards to actual production. The former BYD senior engineer team focuses on the safety, low weight, fast charging, modular design, plug-and-play interface, and low self-discharge of lithium batteries for AGV applications. , Anti-vibration, thermal runaway module needs, repeatedly polished AGV batteries, can meet the power supply needs of AGV equipment in modern factories, and built-in RFID and GPS modules can realize remote monitoring and material management functions.

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