To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!
To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!

Motorcycle Lithium Battery

Motorcycle Lithium Battery is used to replace traditional lead-acid batteries and fuel as a new power method, and has the following advantages:

  1. Small size and lightweight
    Customize the battery for your motorcycle by using cylindrical cells, 18650 or 32650 from international first-line brands such as Samsung and LG.
  2. High energy density
    Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries can store 20%-40% more energy under the same weight, increasing battery life.
  3. Fast charging
    Lithium batteries can support 1C fast charging, or 2-3C or more fast charging, which means that your forklift battery may only need 1 hour, or even half an hour, to be fully charged. But this time may be more than 6-9 hours on lead-acid batteries because lead-acid batteries still need to be float charged.
    4. High lifespan
    The life of a Motorcycle Lithium Battery is generally 3-5 times that of lead-acid batteries, depending on the specific use method and ambient temperature. The service life is generally more than 3-5 years (traditional lead-acid batteries may only be 1-2 years)
  4. Highly customizable
    We can design the battery pack according to the size of your motorcycle battery compartment, and select a suitable BMS according to the discharge power you need, ensuring that you can safely turn the throttle to the maximum without worrying about excessive power causing BMS protection and cutting off. circuit

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