To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!
To Make Lithium Batteries Fuel Global Carbon Neutrality!

Electric Vehicle Battery

Electric Vehicle Battery is widely used in various means of transportation in modern industrial society. It perfectly replaces traditional lead-acid batteries. Facts have proven that products made from lithium batteries can better meet the dependence of modern transportation on power, with perfect performance in terms of energy density, weight, volume, cycle life, and safety performance.

Electric transportation plays a decisive role in modern human life, and the emergence of lithium-ion battery packs is undoubtedly the core of modern electric transportation. Without lithium-ion battery packs, many of the great features would not be possible.

In the past, we may have used traditional oil and natural gas as the main energy sources, whether it was cars, forklifts, golf carts, or RVs, all of which had internal combustion engines installed inside.

Later, people discovered that if they are driven by electricity, the noise of these vehicles will be much smaller, and due to different driving methods, the size of the engine can also be reduced, which is in line with the needs of the development of the automotive industry. As a result, most lead-acid batteries have begun to be increasingly used in the field of electric vehicles, starting batteries, storage batteries, etc.

However, lead-acid batteries also have disadvantages, such as larger size and higher weight. For lead-acid batteries, under the same parameters, heavier batteries mean more materials and better performance. Moreover, actual use will produce gas, and the electrolyte needs to be replenished every once in a while. The discharge rate is generally low and the discharge depth is insufficient. Therefore, people are looking forward to improving all this, or continuing to find a new material.

Finally, with the invention of lithium battery technology, it seems that all questions have been answered.

Cycles? The cycle times of lithium batteries are almost 6-10 times that of lead-acid batteries at the same temperature and discharge depth.

Battery size? The size of lithium batteries is usually much smaller than that of lead-acid batteries. Taking a 12V 100Ah battery as an example, it is 407172210mm. Then a lithium-ion battery with the same power is only 260168220mm.

Energy Density? The energy density of lithium batteries is usually 110Wh/kg, and that of lead-acid batteries is 30Wh/KG.

Charging speed? Lithium batteries generally support more than 0.5C-2C, which means that in extreme cases, the battery pack can be fully charged in half an hour. The same lead-acid battery will take 6-10 hours, because the lead-acid battery also needs to be float charged.

In addition to the reasons listed above, the main reason is that some applications must use lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. For example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, scooter batteries, electric motorcycle batteries, AGV, etc. These fields have very high requirements for energy density and need to store a large amount of energy in a very small space to meet actual usage needs. The volume and weight of the products produced in this way can be minimized, and the battery pack has a longer cycle life. This is undoubtedly the product’s strongest competitiveness in the market.

In recent years, with the introduction of concepts such as zero carbon and carbon neutrality, various countries have successively introduced measures. For example, Apple mentioned at the Apple conference in October 2023 that this year’s Iphone is the first carbon neutral product. In the future, under the leadership of Apple, I believe that countless manufacturers will follow up. In addition to mobile phones, various industries around the world, such as the shipping field, traditional fuel ships and hybrid ships, are required to convert new energy sources at different time points and replace them with batteries as ship power to protect the environment.

As one of the famous lithium battery manufacturers in China, Justlihium hopes to provide a reliable and efficient window to the world, providing users with safe and excellent-performance Electric Vehicle Batteries. You can choose from our existing EV battery models, or we can customize them according to your needs.

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